Assessment Information

The Assessment System – Why the change?

Implications of the Curriculum

The Curriculum contains learning objectives that children were not previously taught/objectives that were taught in year groups further up the school. Therefore when pupils were assessed in the Autumn term against this new curriculum, many appeared to be achieving at a ‘lower level’ than previously thought.

Staff at Woden Primary still have the same high expectations of your children, and the children have not gone ‘backwards’ in their learning—they are simply catching up against new objectives. Pupils and schools across the whole country are in the same position. Once pupils have ‘caught’ up with the new curriculum expectations, the majority of pupils will be performing within the criteria for their age group. By doing this they will be making good progress—as they always have.

Our Assessment System at Woden Primary School

Children are expected to be working within their Year Group Band, which has been broken into 3 main development points:

Once secure you can then begin to ‘master’ the year group objectives. Where the child is expected to deepen their knowledge and understanding.

Year group Working Below Year Group Band Working At Year Group Band Working Above
One Pscales 1e—entering1d—developing


Mastery or Year 2 –7
Two Pscales or Year 1 Band 2e—entering2d—developing


Mastery or Year 3–7
Three Pscales or Year 1/2 Band 3e—entering3d—developing


Mastery or Year 4 –7
Four Pscales or Year 1/2 /3 Band 4e—entering4d—developing


Mastery or Year 5 –7
Five Pscales or Year 1/2/3/4 Band 5e—entering5d—developing


Mastery or Year 6–7
Six Pscales or Year 1/2/3/4/5 Band 6e—entering6d—developing


Mastery or Year 7
As always there will be opportunities at Parent Consultation Evenings to discuss your child’s progress and attainment. Along with an end of year school report.