Merit Assemblies

At Woden Primary School our ethos is to celebrate a child’s success, whether big or small.

Part of this, is a weekly merit assembly held on a Friday. Teachers will choose two pupils from their class who have achieved something special during that week. This may be linked to learning, progress, attainment or behaviour, helpfulness or good manners! Each week focuses on a particular part of school life.

Chosen children receive a certificate and a photograph is displayed to celebrate success.

Pupils of the Week - 15/06/2018

Year 1: Sara, ZiHao, Courtney & Malak

Year 2: Marpreet, Jestin, Shivam & Emilis

Year 3: Suhaib, Cyan, Christian & Adriya

Year 4: Kymani, Shamari, Katherinepace & Ryan

Year 5: Swarnjeet, Cyprus, George & Priyana

Year 6:  Gagandeep, Maryam, Charlie & Jack