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School Blog

Weston Park Trip – Year 5

Yesterday (which was the 28th of March) we went to Weston Park. The reason why we went to Weston Park was because we wanted to find out more about World War 2, which an important historical period. While we were there, we found out that Weston Park was actually a training camp for the navy and the air force to…

Year 2 Trip to Tamworth Castle – Interview

Mr Edwards:   I’m here with 6 Year 2 pupils who want to talk about their trip from last week to Tamworth Castle. So, what is your name and what was your favourite part of the trip? Aly: My name is Aly and my favourite part was when we went up the tower because it had a great view. Mr…

Year 3 Trip to Chester – Aston Allen

On Tuesday morning, we got ready to begin our day out to Chester. I felt excited because I didn’t know what was going to happen! When we got there, we did a march patrol. To do this, we got a shield and we marched through the town. I thought this was amazing because I liked marching. After that, we went…