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School Blog

Year 3 Trip to Chester – Aston Allen

On Tuesday morning, we got ready to begin our day out to Chester. I felt excited because I didn’t know what was going to happen! When we got there, we did a march patrol. To do this, we got a shield and we marched through the town. I thought this was amazing because I liked marching. After that, we went…

World Book Day 2017 – Maryam Hossini

By Maryam Hossini – Year 5 Today, we have made a board game (which was based on the story ‘Snow White in New York’) and it was fun. Everyone has enjoyed themselves. First, we read the story it was based on Snow White. The story was about a girl called Snow White. At the start of the story, her mum…

Ancient Greek Day by Harveer Singh

On Monday the 30th of January, Year Six were able to take part in a great, Greek day. At the beginning of the day, my year group and I made our way down to the Key Stage wo hall. Stood in front of us was a Horrible Histories actor (called Alexis) who began explaining the history of Ancient Greece; this…