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School Council

Woden Primary School Council is a group of pupils that represent the voice of the pupils. They listen to suggestions and ideas that are of importance to their peers and the good of the school. We have an active School Council which comprises of representatives from Year 2 upwards.

They are elected annually by their classmates. School Councillors work together within their team and form links with their class, year group, staff, whole school and community to enhance, make changes or support fundraising events.

Their suggestions make a positive contribution to the school’s continual development.

Class Councillors 2016-2017

Year 2: Karanvir and M’aliyah

Year 3: Amar and Megija

Year 4: Leshawn and Dasia

Year 5: Gurbinder and Lemaie

Year 6: Tuka and Paulis