Sports Premium

Effective Use of PE and Sports Premium at Woden Primary School 2017-18

(Numbers provided by Summer 2017 Census- £16000 plus £10 per pupil Y1-6

355 pupils x £10= £3550)

Overall Aim

“Every child will enjoy increased participation in sporting activities and develop a healthier lifestyle”

Woden Primary School will use its Sports Premium Grant to improve PE and Sports participation across the school and will promote a healthy lifestyle for all children.

Woden will offer an increasing number of children the opportunity to compete for our school in a rising number of Sporting events and improve the opportunity to develop the excellence of talented pupils. To this end, we now have discrete responsibility for sport separate to PE.

The two main aspects that we will develop are:

Improving the quality of teaching and learning in PE and other relevant subject areas.

Increasing participation in sporting activities and high quality PE lessons for all

Details of Grant 2017/18- Current Allocation- £19,550

Nature of Support

Observations of impact and outcomes at this point and access to funding by numbers of children- over 100 representing Woden at different Wolverhampton and local events.

School competed in the following events:

Impact of PE and Sports Premium -£9,750 2016-17

If you would like more information on Pupil Premium and or Sports Grant then you can go to the Department for Education website.