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SEN Terminology

Changes to the Terminology of Special Educational Needs at Woden Primary

The Government have recently accepted the changes to the SEN code of practice. These changes will be in place in schools from September 2014 and include the termination of the levels of School action, School action plus and statement. All support provided for children with additional needs is now classed as SEN support. Schools may now identify the support they provide in whichever way they choose.

At Woden we have decided to keep the concept of different levels of support. Starting September 2014 we will use the following terms to identify the support offered to groups of children with additional needs.

Phase 1 

These children are identified by class teachers as requiring some extra help and this will be provided within the classroom or in an intervention group.

Phase 2

These children have more specific difficulties and may not be making the required amount of progress. In this instance the child will receive an Educational Learning Support Plan (previously an IEP). This is a set of targets, suggested by the class teacher, which the child will work on with an adult . If staff feel that it is necessary / appropriate these targets would support a referral to outside agencies e.g. the Area SENCo.

Education, Health Care Plan

This level of support would follow the gathering of evidence required by the authority to offer a child an Education, Health and Care Plan.

We would like to assure parents that the excellent support currently given to all children with SEN will continue following the changes from the Government.