Weston Park Trip – Year 5

Yesterday (which was the 28th of March) we went to Weston Park. The reason why we went to Weston Park was because we wanted to find out more about World War 2, which an important historical period. While we were there, we found out that Weston Park was actually a training camp for the navy and the air force to land on aircraft carriers. They couldn’t practice on the actual water because when the planes are practicing to land, they might miss the ship and drown.

Moving on from the facts about Weston Park, I really liked when we went into the room where the huge screen was. I liked that particular part because you got to experience how the children in schools had to hide under their chairs and desks and how it felt like to be the part of the blitz. I also liked when I had to stamp all booklets that children had when they had to be evacuated to their new homes. Those books were blue books and the rationing books were yellow; so they could be identified. On the big screen, they showed us a video about an evacuee who went to a person who went to live with a farmer and found it difficult to go in as he might be a short-tempered person so he thought that he might harm him.

Moving on from what I liked, I am going to tell you about what we did in the afternoon. After lunch (which was delicious) we went upstairs to make our medals for the soldiers. The person who was in charge showed us some examples of the medals that were actually given to the soldiers in Battle of Britain.

Overall, I had a great day!

– By Gagandeep Singh