Year 2 Trip to Tamworth Castle – Interview

Mr Edwards:   I’m here with 6 Year 2 pupils who want to talk about their trip from last week to Tamworth Castle. So, what is your name and what was your favourite part of the trip?

Aly: My name is Aly and my favourite part was when we went up the tower because it had a great view.

Mr Edwards: What could you see from there?

Aly: A bridge and where two bridges meet.

Mr Edwards: Were you scared?

Aly: Yes!

Zi Xi: I would have pushed you off.

Mr Edwards: That’s nice! So, what was your favourite part?

Zi Xi: When we were dressing up as knights. It was quite heavy!

Suhaib: My favourite part was when I was dressed up as a handsome servant.

Mr Edwards: Not an ugly servant then? (Thunderous laughter erupts at Mr Edwards’ brilliant joke.) What did you have to do as a servant?

Suhaib: You had to clean the table and put the bowls out and put the cups out and make the tables ready and bow down to the Lord and Lady.

Kahmeah: My favourite part was when I went to the top of the tower.

Mr Edwards: What did you like about it?

Kahmeah: I liked when we could see the bridge and the coach. It looked very little.

Alina: My favourite part was when I saw the lady. She was wearing a long dress to her feet. She was a little bit bossy and nice.

Honey: I liked the part when we were setting up the tables for the Lady. The servants didn’t have as grand stuff as the Lady.

Mr Edwards: So, would you all recommend this trip to the Year 2 class next year?

All: Yes!