Community Links

At Woden Primary School, we value the importance of developing strong links between the school and local, regional, national and international communities.

Through visits, assemblies, concerts and special events, we involve our pupils in the local community, so that they learn how to participate in a practical way in the life and concerns of their neighbourhood and communities.

We are very proud to have strong links with the community.

Gary and Caroline from The Well attend our annual Harvest celebrations and collect our generous donations that provide thousands of people around our city with the food they would otherwise not have.

Woden’s good friends, Terry and Paul, from Wednesfield’s branch of the Royal British Legion lead assemblies each year to celebrate Remembrance Day, sharing stories of how many people fought bravely during World War Two. Terry spoke this year about two incredibly brave soldiers, who put their own lives in grave danger, so that others could be saved showing us that friendship and loyalty were so hugely important during the most frightening of times. Poppies were worn proudly to show our thanks for those who risked themselves.

Woden children enjoy an annual celebration of Bastille Day linked to their learning in French with support from a local high school, Coppice High School.

These are just a few examples of the many ways Woden both benefits from, and supports, our local community.